Activity Center Program2

Program Design Overview:

Activity Center’s Program design is intended to provide a new training model for individuals served in San Luis Obispo County. This program design represents a comprehensive approach to service delivery including a broad-based curriculum that meets the diverse needs of the individuals. NCI’s intent with this new program design is to provide a stimulating and enriching environment for program participants. Training will include site-based activities, community integration, social activities, daily living skills, job preparation and paid work.


Development of opportunities that are designed to meet individual goals and objectives as indicated in the Individual Program Plan (IPP) and the Individual Service Plan (ISP). The individuals will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of classroom settings and pick a curriculum that meets their interest and needs.

Implementation of the program design, specific to individual needs as identified in the Individual Programming Plan (IPP) and specified in the Individual Support Plan (ISP) is intended to achieve the following goals:

Improved skills in activities of daily living, including but not limited to personal grooming and hygiene, appropriate apparel, healthy eating, toileting, and personal health and safety issues.

Acquisition of vocational skills necessary to successfully participate in contract work or community employment.

Enhanced expressive and receptive communication skills, improving one’s ability to communicate wants and needs.

Enhanced age-appropriate social skills which promote social interactions, peer behaviors and interactions within various settings.

Improved mobility for greater independence within one’s living arrangement and local community, including awareness of safety issues, risks, exposure to danger and appropriate responses to a variety of situations. In addition to minimal training of public transportation which includes, reading bus route maps for navigation, cost of use and setting up rides for special occasions.

Improved physical development and coordination, including nutrition, optimum health and fitness training.

Participation in a wide range of age-appropriate leisure activities to allow for personal development and self-expression, ensuring quality use of one’s free time.

Maintenance of optimum health status.

Target Population:

The agency primarily services adult individuals with a range of developmental disabilities, determined by a medical/psychological evaluation and on the eligibility of the Tri-Counties Regional Center. Functional characteristics vary individually, ranging from people requiring high levels of support to those needing very little to live and work productively in their communities.

Program Location:

The training program will primarily take place in a center-based environment at NCI’s Activity Center. As indicated in the individual’s ISP, community excursions will be planned and facilitated in order to meet specific goals and objectives as they relate to employment, mobility training, community living, socialization, community safety and appropriate use of leisure/community resources.

Community outings will generally take place in the City San Luis Obispo. Such outings are to be consistent with the personal preferences of the person and are to be indicated in the ISP.

Program Quality Standards:

NCI’s Activity Center Program will be operated under the guidelines and standards as defined in the CARF manuals. It is improve upon these standards through experience gained in providing services. At minimum, the following certification and accreditation criteria will be met:

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